Frequently asked questions

iOS 16

I have installed iOS 16 but I don't see the Lock Screen widgets

Seems like there is an issue on iOS 16 right after updating the operative system. It doesn't correctly show all the lock screen widgets available right away. Restarting your device will often fix this.

If that does not work, there's a possible workaround. Open the main Apple Settings app, then open General > Language & Region > Calendar. Switch it to another calendar and then back to your preferred one. This seems to prompt iOS to rebuild its widget list.

How to use widgets

How can I change the size of the widgets on my Home Screen?

The size of the widget is selected in the process of adding a widget to your Home Screen before being able to edit the widget or choose its settings. This is part of the native iOS flow and behavior.

For a detailed explanation of how to add a widget with different sizes, please check this page.


How is the time of the Countdowns calculated?

In all cases the "Total time" of the Countdown is the difference between the "Start time" and the "End time", including the difference in hours and minutes of those dates.

If you choose "Count down", the time displayed will be the "Remaining time", and if you choose "Count up", the time displayed will be the "Past time". In both cases the hours and minutes are included in the calculation.

If one of the times above, for example "Remaining time", is 4d 14h 56min the time shown will be "5 days left" (if "Days" is the unit selected to display) if you have chosen "Round up", and "4 days left" if you have chosen "Round down".

When "5 days left" would change to "4 days left" depends at what time your progress will finish. Following the previous example, if your progress finishes at 0:00, then at 0:00 the time displayed will changed. If your progress finishes at 17:30, then the time displayed will change at 17:30.

Is there a way to sync progress across different devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and/or Mac)?

Yes, iCloud synchronisation between al your devices is available for all PRO users.

iCloud will sync all your progress between all your devices that are logged in the same Apple account and have the iCloud setting turned ON. By default, iCloud synchronisation is turned ON if you purchase or restore Pretty Progress PRO. If you want to change this setting, you can find the switch in the "Settings" screen.

How can I restore the standard progress I have deleted?

If you have deleted any of the standard progress and you want to restore them, including their special functions, you can do so in the "Settings" screen:

  1. Tap the "..." button at the top right of the app's Home screen
  2. Tap in "Settings"
  3. Scroll down and tap in "Restore Default Progress" button
  4. Go back to the app's Home Screen and you will see the standard progress restored on the grid

Pretty Progress PRO

Will the Pretty Progress PRO purchase from iPhone also be for the iPad, Apple Watch and Mac versions? Or do I have to purchase it again for every platform?

If you buy Pretty Progress PRO on 1 device, you can use it on all your devices.

In case you purchase PRO, you only need to do it one time for all the devices that share the same Apple account. Additionally, the purchase can be shared within your iCloud family.

If you buy PRO on your iPhone, then on your iPad or Mac you need to go to the upgrade screen and tap in “Restore purchase” at the bottom of the screen (see following question for more details). If you are logged in to the same account, then PRO will be restored and will also work on your iPad or Mac.

How do I restore Pretty Progress PRO purchase?
  1. Be sure that you are logged in the same Apple account that made the initial purchase
  2. Open Pretty Progress and tap in any of the buttons that ask you to upgrade to PRO
  3. In the screen that appears showing you the plans available, scroll to the bottom of the screen, you will see a button that says “Restore purchase”
  4. Tap that button and the purchase should be restored automatically
I am a PRO user, how can I share the PRO purchase with a member of my Family Sharing group?

In-App purchases do not appear in the subscription tab in Family Sharing. The process for sharing the PRO in-app purchase with a family member is the following:

  1. Be sure that the member is part of the family sharing group
  2. The member will have to go to the App Store and tap on their account button in the upper right corner
  3. Go to purchased and select the family member that purchased PRO
  4. Download the app from that screen
  5. Open Pretty Progress
  6. Tap in any of the buttons that ask you to upgrade to PRO
  7. In the screen that appears, at the bottom of the screen, you will see a button that says “Restore purchase”
  8. Tap that button and the app should be upgraded to PRO automatically


Why Pretty Progress doesn't show up in the list of widgets when I try to add it?

Sometimes, iOS doesn't detect all the apps that include widgets and it misses Pretty Progress right after installing it. This is usually resolved by restarting your device.

Why is iCloud not syncing my progress between devices?

iCloud is only available for PRO users. If you are a PRO user, have restored the PRO purchase in all your devices and iCloud is not syncing:

  1. Check that you are logged in iCloud in all your devices with the same Apple account and that you have space available in your iCloud account
  2. Check that you are using the latest version of the app in all devices
  3. Check that "iCloud synchronisation" inside the "Settings" screen is turned ON in all your devices
  4. Completely close the app in all your devices and open it again ("Kill" the app manually and open it again). This will restart the synchronisation if there was a problem. Please, be patient, sometimes takes some time for iCloud to synchronise
With iCloud enabled in two devices, when I delete an event, it reappears some time later. What are I’m doing wrong?

This may be a temporary error in the synchronisation. Check that you have installed the latest version of the app in both devices. After that:

  1. Completely kill the app in both devices
  2. Open the app in both devices at the same time and wait for some seconds with an internet connection enabled
  3. In only one device, delete a single progress and wait until it is removed in the other device
  4. Then proceed to delete or edit any other progress and it should work correctly

If this doesn’t work and the progress reappears again:

  1. Uninstall the app in one of the devices
  2. Delete your progress in the other device and wait some seconds with the app open so it synchronises with iCloud
  3. Reinstall the app in the first device, restore the purchase and the synchronisation should work correctly

From that moment, you should not experience this problem and the synchronisation should work correctly.

My countdown widget is blank or doesn't show data, what can I do?
Image of a widget without dataImage of a widget without dataImage of a widget without data

Unfortunately, this is a common issue affecting several users and apps that is related with iOS. When this happens, update Pretty Progress and your device to the latest versions. If the problem continues, try restarting your device and removing/reinstalling Pretty Progress.

Other times, the first time that a widget is added can take a little bit more time to load data. This will happen more often if you have a lot of widgets on your Home Screen or Lock Screen.

Using the Pattern theme with a lot of dots to draw will harm the performance of the app and may require more memory from the OS than the memory allowed by iOS for every widget. This may also produce some of the widgets to break and not work properly.

If you continue facing the issues, here there's a more extended article explaining more options you can try to make your widgets work.

I added multiple widgets on my Home Screen and Lock Screen, but some of them are not loading. Is there an upper limit on how many widgets can be added on my Home Screen or Lock Screen?

There’s no limit on how many widgets can be shown on your Home Screen or Lock Screen applied by Pretty Progress. However, there’s a memory limit applied by iOS to apps for using on widgets.

This memory depends on the iOS version, your specific device and other factors. The limit affects how often widgets can be updated and, if you have several widgets, how many of those widgets will be updated each time.

Some calculations make require more memory than others. For example, if you are using themes like The Pattern to draw a lot of dots proportional to your days left, it requires a higher memory than more simple cases. Changing your widgets design for more simple themes may help to show more widgets, but is unsure.

My countdown widget is stuck, what can I do?

Unfortunately, sometimes iOS stops updating widgets. When this happens, opening and closing Pretty Progress or restarting your device typically gets it started again.

The refresh rate of the widgets is too low. Is it possible to increase the refresh rate of the widgets?

It is currently not possible due to the way Apple handles widgets.

Apps have the ability to request when a widget should be updated, always inside of a “budget” of requests (currently Pretty Progress requests updates widgets every 5min), but it is iOS who finally decides and manages when that happens depending on several factors. Apple does this so that widgets do not consume so much battery.

It is possible to update widgets “manually” every time an app is used again. Your widgets will be updated every time you open the app.


The question I have doesn’t appear here

Please, contact for any other kind of enquiry. You can also use any of the other channels available. I’ll be happy to help :)